Music is my spark, my life, my soul. It's something that has always been inside of me, something I have wanted to do my entire life and share. It's also something that has had profound social impact and relationships to movements to make things better. It's my life's goal to produce the best art I can, to write music that can serve social movements, and also to help people access music through education and activities like community singalongs. I believe in the power of folk music, and in the emergence of new folk forms, like electronic music that can help anyone to be able to create and play. Music is our birth right as human beings in the world and I want to help people find the joy and magic in it, as I have. ” - Alysha Shaw (Nocturne Spark)

Nocturne Spark

Nocturne Spark

music. organizing. learning.

Nocturne Spark weaves together vocals, acoustics, and electronics, traversing genres as diverse as world, folk, techno, electoclash, jazz, and American gothic music. Her forthcoming record, The Hero's Journey, merges dance and pop music with folk themes and stories about ancient Greek myth and culture. Her debut solo album, The Ecstasy of Decline, was released in 2022.

Nocturne Spark is the solo musical project of Alysha Shaw, a lifelong community organizer, musician, and artist who works at the intersections of the arts, community, folklore, and social change. She is currently developing a series of in-person and online workshops exploring these topics. 

Shaw is a member of Rumelia Collective, an all-female quartet that arranges and performs folk music from the Balkans and Mideast. The band released a new album called Beneath Roses in 2024. 

Shaw is also the campaign director for Public Power New Mexico, a grassroots coalition working to advance community-owned renewable power and energy democracy. 

Alysha has a BA in Politics and Interdisciplinary Art from College of Santa Fe, an MFA in Art and Social Practice from Portland State University, and she expects to complete an MA in Interdisciplinary Music Studies from Berklee College of Music in June 2024.

The Hero's Journey

Nocturne Spark's second album is on it's way soon!

The Hero's Journey features original music written and produced by Nocturne Spark inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, art, culture, and spiritual practices. The album is a very contemporary exploration of the hero's journey we all experience in life, traversing dance, pop, and folk music genres. 

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