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We're almost done with the mixing for my second solo record under the Nocturne Spark name called The Hero's Journey. I can't wait to share it with you! I'm hoping for an initial release around the June solstice (complete with a midsummer night's dream themed dance party and music video shoot--stay tuned!), and then later this summer I'll have vinyl records available. I've launched my first-ever crowdfunding campaign, which you can check out here and learn more about the project and my goals for it
Please contribute if you can, everything makes an impact and helps me produce this unusual work of art, and please share, if you feel inspired:
I'll be playing a set at Tumbleroot Brewery at 7:30 PM on June 1, so please come, if you would like a sneak peak of my new music:
I'm also posting videos and content of work in progress as I go. And I'm delighted to give new ears a sneak peak of the tracks too! Let me know if that interests you.
This is my first draft of a DIY music video that I'm going to add some more content to. It's a goal of mine to make truly beautiful and captivating music videos, and with your support, I'll be able to work with fantastic artists to make videos light years beyond this:
This is a live performance of the title track from my record which has a much older, traditional folk, strophic, bard-like form that most of the rest of the material (apologies in advance for a few moments where the audio peaks):

And this is an acoustic version of a song from my forthcoming record, The Hero's Journey. It's a hymn to the great god Apollo, god of music, art, healing, clarity, purity, divination, and archery, among other things. The version on my record has a lot more electronic orchestration.
You can see some fantastic photos we're going to work with for the album art here:

This record is a product of my reflections and inspirations around ancient Greek myth and culture as well as the idea of the hero's journey, which we all are engaged in throughout life. This is the first album I've ever done with 100% original material, many of which incorporate pop and dance forms, but also some traditional folk forms. You can hear my debut solo record, The Ecstasy of Decline, from a couple years ago here. My next record will be a collaboration reinventing classic IWW songs and other original and beloved workers' movement songs into a contemporary, insurgent, electroclash punk rock thing. I'm feeling the urge to be as prolific as I can be, and I'm also looking forward to developing some events and workshops exploring the intersections of the arts, folklore, social change, and spirituality. If any of this is of particular interest to you, reach out! I'm always interested in collaborating, and also connecting with people interested in these unusual things I am obsessed with. 
One last but definitely not least thing to mention: Rumelia Collective, this fantastic band of women doing folk music from the Balkans and Middle East I have been a part of for a long time now, has just released a recordthat has been in the works since before covid. You can listen to Beneath Roses online here, and we also have CDs, if you still listen to those. We will eventually have vinyl records soon as well, and the album should be digitally distributed everywhere you can stream music soon. We have some fabulous footage from our album release concert series we will share soon too! And we're booked out through October, so please put one of our upcoming shows in your calendar if you're in town or planning on passing through: 
Rumelia Collective at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market
Saturday, July 13, 3:20-4:40 PM.

FREE Balkan Dance Party!!!
Monday, July 15, 7 PM,  ON THE SANTA FE PLAZA!!!
with Korvin Orkestar
Santa Fe Tradfest 
Saturday, August 24, 12 PM
Bishop's Ridge: Camp Stoney & Recreation Center
7855 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505
For more info, visit:

Rumelia Collective at Tumbleroot Brewery
Saturday, September 7 - Details TBA!

Rumelia Collective at Second Street Rufina
Saturday, October 12 - 8:30 - 10:30 PM FREE


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